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Frequently Asked Questions

Watch batteries, jewelry repair, and customs, oh my!

Do you change watch batteries?

Yes! We are happy to change your watch battery for $10 (tax included), with an additional $5 fee if the back of the watch has screws. You are welcome to leave the watch with us but the process generally takes 5-10 minutes.

Can you do a band adjustment on my watch?

Yes! We can perform a band adjustment for $10 and generally it is a 5-10 minute wait. IF YOU NEED YOUR WATCH BAND ENLARGED YOU MUST PROVIDE LINKS AS WE CANNOT ACQUIRE THEM–contact your watch manufacturer for more information.

Do you do appraisals, and how much does it cost? Do I have to make an appointment?

We are proud to offer insurance-grade appraisals! If you do NOT have a previous appraisal, the first piece is $100 and each additional is $75. If you DO have a previous appraisal (no matter how old or who did it) we can offer an updated appraisal for only $45.

You do not need an appointment, you may come in any day M-F 10 AM-6 PM to drop off your piece! The process takes 2-3 days in general.

If you do not need an insurance-grade appraisal, we can offer a verbal estimate of value. For numerous pieces we charge $150/hour to compensate our employees for their time.

Do you do watch repair?

No. We only do band adjustments and watch batteries as we do not have a watch repairman on-site. We are happy to refer you to someone–give us a call at (405) 328-2802 for additional information.

Do you do jewelry repair?

Yes! We can do jewelry repair on gold and silver, not platinum. Keep in mind our current lead time is quoted at 6 weeks. We do not accept rush jobs.

Can you size my ring? How much does it cost?

Yes, although it depends on the structure of the particular piece. The cost is determined by several factors, such as how wide the ring is, what material it’s made out of, how many stones there are (as well as how they’re set, whether the stone takes heat), etc. We recommend coming in in-person with the piece you would like sized for an accurate cost and assessment.

Can you rhodium dip my jewelry?

Yes, we are happy to re-rhodium a white gold piece for you! We do not rhodium plate yellow gold.

Can you do gold plating? Can you work on gold-plated jewelry?

Unfortunately not. We are unable to gold plate, and due to that fact we are unable to work on gold-plated jewelry as well.

Can you polish my silver?

We polish silver jewelry only. The cost is determined by the nature of the piece–bring it in for a free estimate.

Can you do custom jewelry? What does the process look like?

Yes, we do customs! Please visit our customs page for more information, or give us a call at (405) 348-2802.

Do you buy gold or jewelry? Do you sell estate jewelry?

No and no. We are unable to buy gold or jewelry because we don’t have a pawnshop/pawnbroker’s license, and don’t sell estate jewelry for the same reason.

We are able to trade-in gold or jewelry towards a new purchase or the cost of a repair, but the value of the trade-in must be less than the cost of the purchase or repair.